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# New Mod needed

Since eternalpasion , is going to be leaving and I'm not sure when she'll be able to help out again, I need to ask you guys a question:
Interested in becoming a moderator?

We are looking for one individual who will :-

|1| Post a new challenge
|2| knows how to post voting through polls
|3| *Not required but highly considered* A graphic maker for banner duty.
|4| You must be an active user here at the LJ

eternalpasion and I, are basically looking for an active reliable member at the Livejournal. A person who is has some free time to post new challenges, mid-week reminders, someone who we can trust to be there when we need them.

So if your interested in the spot copy it and  fill this out :

→Graphic experience (y or n)
→If yes, how many years have you been a maker? and examples are always nice:
→Have you been a mod before? if yes where?

Basically we are looking for people who are very active in LiveJournal, have time to devote the community on a weekly basis. Most importantly we are looking for people who can be depended on, who won't leave without a word.

Does this sounds like you? If so, tell us a bit about yourself. Comments are screened.

We'll be making decisions very soon.

Tags: #mod

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